Find an Interim Manager


  • Looking for an up-to-date efficiency improvement and change implementation solution for your organization?
  • Your organization needs support in periods of change or a crisis?
  • Your team needs fast knowledge and experience transfer?

Engaging an Interim Manager is:

  • an efficient way to solve a particular problem within the organization;
  • a way to strengthen or complete the management structure organization wide or in selected areas;
  • a way to gain access to impressive knowledge and experience.

Interim Manager

is quick to adapt to the organization

diagnoses the problem

leads the company through the change process

That is how an IM generates time and money savings necessary to employ and introduce a new employee.

An Interim Manager always works towards improving the organizations values and supporting its economic development.

Advantages of Interim Management for the client:

  • Strengthening or completing the management structure organization-wide or in selected areas;
  • Streamlining of individual business processes;
  • Efficient way to solve a particular problem within the organization;
  • Opportunity to work with the best managers from Poland and abroad;
  • Access to the Interim Manager's impressive knowledge and experience;
  • Saving time and money necessary to employ and train new staff;
  • No cost of full time employment;
  • Option to link the fee to successful realization of the project (part of fee based on results).

Typical situation where engaging Interim Managers might be critical:

  • restructuring of a company;
  • Preparation for a change in ownership structure of a company;
  • Development and introduction of new structures necessary to carry out new tasks, that the company has never carried out before, especially defining tasks for new departments, employee selection and training, and integration of the new structures into the company;
  • Developing new growth perspectives by defining the company's current position and growth paths, and proposing specific tasks;
  • Crisis situations;
  • Necessity to step in for an absent manager (in case of illness, holiday leave, training);
  • Supporting a particular manager with expertise and experience (sales, marketing, HR, finances, controlling, administration, IT);
  • Building a professional team to implement a particular project and leading that team.

How to find an Interim Manager?

If you are looking for an Interim Managers - don't hesitate to browse the IM Profiles and to contact our Consultants, who will assist you in finding the right Candidates for short-term projects: .

Inwenta is one of Poland's first companies dedicated to the idea of Interim Management - a modern management tool, as well as a professional development opportunity for top managers. We specialize in finding Interim Managers.

What are the advantages of carrying an interim management project with Inwenta?


    We are a forerunner of interim projects implementation on the Polish market - we have over 7 years of experience!

    We have an up to date, extensive database of experienced Interim Managers and wide contacts in the market in this area;

    We cooperate with local and foreign organizations uniting Interim Manages (Stowarzyszenie Interim Managers, Institute of Interim Management) to provide the highest standards of interim management projects;

    We guarantee the continuity of the project - projects are carried out by an experienced Interim Manager supported by a Shadow Manager - a mentor manager with a solid knowledge and experience in the specific area of the project. We only need 48 hours, if necessary, to provide a replacement for an Interim Manager in the company;

    We take care of the project according to the schedule and objectives - our Project Manager is in constant contact with both, the Client, and the Interim Manager in order to monitor the progress;

    We focus on high quality services within optimal timeframes;

    We respect our Clients time and finances - we design all of our services in such a way as to optimally meet their individual needs;

    We guaranteed dicretion, which is the foundation of mutual trust and effective cooperation.

Inwenta works with Poland's first association committed to development of the IM idea - Polish Interim Management Association (SIM) and the British Institute of Interim Management (IIM), together we develop market standards for IM.

Test an Interim Manager!

Interim Manager as part of the ESF Innovation Project

Inwenta is a partner of the "Interim Management - New Way to Manage Age and Organization" project realized in cooperation with the Interim Management Association (SIM) and the Institute of Interim Management.

The objective of the Project is to promote the Interim Management as an HR solution for business, prolong the professional careers of 50+ managers and promote innovative tools with applications in business. Due to its international character, the Project offers to support organizations with knowledge, experience and solutions tested in developed economies but adapted to the Polish market. The Project is going to include widespread market research and nation-wide promotional activities.

Who are beneficiaries of the Project?

  • Businesses in the Mazovia region - micro-businesses, SMEs and large companies that will have the opportunity to test the Interim Management solution, use the Interim Manager's knowledge and experience, all within 6-months test projects.
  • Companies that employ 50+ managers will have the opportunity to get to know and test the response tools for HR policies in the context of age management.

Practical application of the idea of the Interim Management will allow the companies to cut overhead costs and to better and more efficiently adapt their strategies to the changing social economic situation.

We would like to invite company representatives interested in the participation in the Polish business market research project, as well as those interested in engaging an Interim Manager in co-financed short-term projects.

If you would like to participate in the project, contact us under:

Further information about the project

Preliminary diagnosis by an Interim Manager

As part of our Interim Management projects we offer our Clients a preliminary, free-of-charge diagnosis in the Client's organization, conducted by an Interim Manager - an expert in a given field or industry.

As part of development of our IM services, we offer a cooperation model based on fast and adequate response to the Client's needs. After preliminary determination of the organization's needs, we offer the first free-of-charge diagnosis of the problem and present an idea for a solution. Such diagnosis is performed by an Interim Manager, specifically selected by Inwenta on grounds of their qualifications and experience. Such an Interim Manager may or may not be the first candidate we would recommend to perform the complete diagnosis and implement adequate activities in the Client's organization, in other words, to realize the Interim Management project.

If you are interested in our offer for such a service, or you would like to meet face to face with an Interim Manager, who performs preliminary diagnosis of a situation and offers knowledge to develop a solution, don't hesitate to contact us.